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The animal tribe containing the most species are ARTHROPODA. Distinction happens with assistance of the mouthtools and the breathing way.
The 30 'real crabs'(Brachyura) contains 11 families, which 460 species are living the amphibian way all over tropic areas.
Arthropoda's body size is very different. A few inches over two feet. Just like the Japanese Big Crab(),which is actually a seaspider. This really large crab reaches together with legs 9 feet in size. Without this exception most crabs are reaching only a few inches.

To assign the 140 Sesarma - species contains sometimes difficulties. Only few people in the world of freshwater are concerning crabs at that time. Thus there will be many species suited for the aquarium at home, just the Red Clawed Crab for example.
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Gliederfüsser - Arthropoda
Hundertfüsser ( Chilopoda )
Tausendfüsser ( Diplopada )
Spinnentiere ( Arachnida )
Insekten ( Insecta )
Krebstiere ( Crustacea )
Ruderfusskrebse ( Copepoda )
Blattfusskrebse ( Branchiopoda ) Daphnia
Muschelkrebse ( Ostracoda )
high developed crabs
( Malacostraca )
Panzerkrebse ( Peracarida ) Asseln
Leuchtkrebse ( Euphausiacea ) Krill
Ten-feet-crabs ( Decapoda ) Krabben, Garnelen,
Speisekrebse ( Dentobranchiata )
Ritterkrebse ( Reptantia )
Langschwanzkrebse ( Palinura )
Japanische Riesenkrabbe ( Macrocheira Kaempferi )
Eigentliche Langschwanzkrebse ( Astacura )
Europ. Hummer ( Homarus gammarus )
Mittelkrebse ( Anomura )
real crabs ( Brachyura )
Felsenkrabben ( Grapsidae )
Sesarmidae - Sesarma bidens,
Ses. chiromates,
Ses. johorensis,
Ses. longipes,
Ses. ricordi,
Ses. siamensis,
Ses. smithii ,
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male / female - The carapace - breathing and special anatomic marks - sensory organs - communication - inner organs - micropicture
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