Wenn die Krabbe geschwächt ist, z.B. wegen ungenügender Ernährung, die u.a. oft Kalkmangel zur Folge hat kann es zu Komplikationen während der Häutung kommen, aber auch zum Tod unseres Pfleglings. Es ist wohl eine der häufigsten Todesursachen. ( siehe oben) Vielleicht hat der 'Plötzliche Krabbentod' ähnliche Gründe. Doch das ist zunächst Spekulation. Die Gründe dafür sind noch unbekannt.

Is the crab in weak condition,because of not the right food or whatever, difficulties are able to appear at molting time. It's very possible, that no change in behaviour can't be realized before.But this molting problems can easily mean the death of our carapaced pet.And that's possibly the most cause of death at AQ-crabs.( see above) Somehow that's the 'sudden death syndrome', but that's speculation so far. Therefor what's really about this , it's also unknown. Some days before effort molting,the 'White Crosswise Ribbon' will appear between the rear legs. The so to say 'zipper'. (Molting and...). But also before this signs can be noticed, it possibly happens, that the crab is falling down to the ground suddenly like stonedead. In this situation the crab is too weak to eat.Therefor it will die for sure, so we must help.
So my crab Kopernikus was rescued when showing problems with the molt. But what's going on, I realized a week later, when he finally molted successfully. Sometimes I had to look closely to find some signs of life and I often thought that he was dead at all.
The sick crab should be placed near under the watersurface. That's enabling it to breath air or getting the O2 out of the water.Very suitable are waterplants with floating leaves. Important are a good foothold and enough oxygen in the water.. Somewhat softly ,like food flakes should be placed in front of the crab. If it don't want to, it's too weak to eat and it must be handfed. Get back energy is the most important now. First make sure, that the room isn't too cold.
To feed our sick crab get it up in one of your humid hand.
Now the patient must be turned carefully on its back that the small mouth can be reached.
Take care of the eyestalks !! It's maybe to weak to fold it into the special winkle ontop of the head to protect the eyes.
The feeding can be started when the crab is laying backside in your humid hand. With the help of a 'patch up needle' pick up some defrosted Red Worm( add some powdered egg shells) and place it slowly and carefully at the tiny crab mouth.
The little patient will eat it step by step.
The Red worms should be good quality,(looking bright red) defrosted and not too cold. Some times the heads are too hard.So better remove when feeding the sick crab, it's maybe to hard for it to crush it.
This way Kopernikus eat 6 Red Worms.
If there's enough for the crab, replace it back to the tank where it's save and silent.
That's you can do, now hoping the crab will come back to life.Certainly, it can last a few days.
Maybe again the crab falls down like stonedead.Take the crab to have a very closer look.Sometime it takes time til the crab is moving slowly a leg for example.
Repeat the feeding procedere once a day. Apart from that get a chance to rest away from other tankmates,near the watersurface.
The crab Kopernikus was rescued this way.After two days he came better.Evry single day more life slowly came back inside the little body and finally, a few days later,the molting was finished successfully.
The following days it was a bit shaky inside the legs but after all together a week it was finally done.
While the third feeding by hand,the little patient tried to turn around by itself and spread out its claws ! This all was a hard run not only for the crab, also for me,indeed. Sometimes I thought that he made it finally.
Fortunately all the other molts of all crabs are going fine.Hard water and well balanced food will help to avoid those problems.Only when the life span of one crab is going to end there will be sometimes difficulties.

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