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In general Basic informations about crabs anatomy. Systematic integration of the crabs in the animal kingdom
Sexual marks How to separate males and females,and the special associations between them
Breathing system
      and special
      anatomic marks
Crabs are able to breath with their gills and also with their skin. Both is described here
Sensory organs Crabs eyes are very good, and they have some more particular abilities to know what's going on ,also outside the tank.
Communication There is no voice for crabs, but there are many ways to communicate, not only with all ten legs.
Food intake
      and inner organs
How crabs are eating and what's happening inside
Micro Selfmade images through a micrscope. Parts of the carapace and the claws 20X enlargement.
Inside AQ  
Purchasing and
      transporting crabs
What's imortant when chosing a crab for taking it with you. How to keep calm your crab while transporting.
Living together withy
Observations about crabs and other tankmates living together in the tank. Unsuited animals for a crabs tank.
RCC's home How to create a crabs home with examples of my own and other tanks.
Water What's imortant to know about the water crabs are living in. An easy description of chemical hapenings inside water and how to support good water qualitiy with easy ways.
Feeding RCC's Crabs are eating all. How to create a well balanced crabs food. And how crabs are hunting .
Molting and cleaning How to let the moltings end succssessfully. Why I have to notice suddenly 'one more' crab ??!!
Crabs behaviour and way of life Observations about the crabs are treating each other . How they are living together with the other crabs.
In general Some important about crabs's deseases and injuries. And also how to avoid some mistakes in the care of the crabs.
Problems while
What you can try to rescue Your crab,when some problems appear while molting.
Crabs without legs
       and claws
It doesn't really matter when a crab has lost aleg for example. How to make it easier for the crab to create a new one
Fungus deseases To much can be dangerous for health. How to avoid this.
Parasites Description about some parasites and about the possibilities to avoid or fight them.
Natural habitat What's the natural crabs home. Their way of life and their enemies.
Breeding and
Breeding is difficult but not unpossible. How crabs mate and the growimg up of the larvea to small crabs.
Quick Guide Summary about the most important things about crab's care.
Chitin - an
       amazing stuff
The crapace of the crabs contains chitin. Some industries are using it,for example creating sythetic skins for humans
In my tank Stories about whats happening in my own tank with the crabs and the other tankmates. Stories about the beginning and about some hard times for me and the critters.
Links Some more other exciting websites
Authors What's about us ?
Forum Changing experiences
Galery Images of our crabs and the other critters living in the tank.
News Important updates from the first day online ,the 07.03.2001
My crabsite

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